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25 Oct, 2019 10:31

EU agree in principle on Brexit extension, but no date set yet - Commission

EU agree in principle on Brexit extension, but no date set yet - Commission

Brussels has given London the green light to a Brexit extension but will not set a date to that delay until early next week, according to Reuters.

The UK parliament has been in limbo, as they look for the EU27 leaders to ostensibly decide the next move in the intractable Brexit crisis dominating British politics. However, it appears the bloc are willing to drag out their decision on an extension a little further.

PM Boris Johnson warned UK lawmakers on Friday that he'll push forward with plans for leaving the EU and his domestic agenda if they reject his request for a snap poll in the House of Commons on Monday.

On Thursday, the UK prime minister revealed proposals for an early general election, urging MPs in the House of Commons to agree to a nationwide vote in mid-December.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has ruled his party out of backing Johnson’s vote motion, until Brussels grants a lengthy extension that will prevent the UK government taking Britain out of the EU on no-deal terms.

It’s safe to say many people are fed up with the seemingly never-ending Brexit saga with social media, as so often, providing light relief with amusing memes.

Johnson attempted on two recent occasions to call an election but failed each time to get the motion passed and will need to win the backing of two-thirds of MPs to get the latest election push through Parliament. The prime minister added that, if MPs agree to an election on December 12, Parliament would be dissolved on November 6.

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