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'Please step away from the dog’: Tory MP’s bizarre #bestiality post provokes sympathy for unimpressed hound

'Please step away from the dog’: Tory MP’s bizarre #bestiality post provokes sympathy for unimpressed hound
A Tory MP has got the Twitterati’s tongues wagging after he tweeted a picture of himself smiling away on the floor at the Conservative Party Conference with a seemingly disinterested guide dog along with the hashtag, bestiality.

Backbench Tory lawmaker Michael Fabricant, who is in Manchester attending his party’s annual conference, took some time out to post what appeared at first glance to be quite a heart-warming tweet.

"When a Guide Dog becomes too affectionate at @CPC19,” the 69-year-old told his followers, before adding the slightly bizarre #bestiality. The MP for Lichfield attached a picture of himself lying on the ground with a guide dog that appeared far from impressed.

Many online have voiced their astonishment at the MP for adding such an explicit hashtag, with one Twitter user telling Fabricant to “please step away from the dog.” Others made fun of his rather distinguishable blonde hair, claiming“he was just wondering whether it's a wig fella.”

The dog in question didn’t seem to share the Conservative politician’s noticeable enjoyment, which many picked up on. A host of humorous gifs also dominated the responses.

It comes after a video was posted on social media showing Prime Minister Boris Johnson walking around the Conservative Party Conference before his coffee was snatched from him by one of his aides because it was served in a disposable cup.

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