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25 Sep, 2019 10:36

‘I was kicked in the head by a horse’ and then I believed in Brexit: Farage victim of hilarious prank caller

‘I was kicked in the head by a horse’ and then I believed in Brexit: Farage victim of hilarious prank caller

Nigel Farage fell for a prank call from an EU Remain supporter who duped the Brexit Party leader into believing that he had now seen the light and changed his mind on the UK leaving the bloc because of the iconic Brexiteer.

Farage took the call on his LBC radio show on Tuesday, after the UK Supreme Court had ruled that PM Boris Johnson’s prorogation (suspension) of Parliament was “unlawful.” The ardent Brexiteer listened intently as the ‘previously’ pro-remain caller explained his apparent change of mind.

The caller started by complimenting Farage, saying: “I’ve got to say, I’m immensely grateful to you for everything you’ve done in British politics over the last few years.”

So far, so good for the Brexit Party leader. The caller then went on to explain that he “used to be a Remainer” and had long believed that staying in the EU was the “best thing” for Britain.

At this point, Farage is seen nodding in agreement, no doubt thinking that this is going the way he wants. “Then something monumental happened and completely changed my view on the whole situation,” the caller revealed, quite dramatically.

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Appearing to show genuine concern, Farage asks him: “What was that monumental thing, Mark?” He then replied:

I was kicked in the head by a horse.

Realizing quickly that he had been duped, an embarrassed looking Farage gave a wry smile before saying “Right. Very good. OK,” before hurriedly thanking the caller and moving on.

After a monumental day in British politics, some light relief, courtesy of the airwaves, may have been welcomed by many listeners.

British lawmakers returned to Parliament on Wednesday after the UK Supreme Court’s ruling, with PM Johnson sure to face questions about his conduct in relation to prorogation and progress on Brexit negotiations with Brussels.

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