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17 Sep, 2019 11:23

‘Tony Blair can f**k off & die’: Lib Dems party like it’s 2003 with controversial singalong (VIDEO)

‘Tony Blair can f**k off & die’: Lib Dems party like it’s 2003 with controversial singalong (VIDEO)

Members of the Liberal Democrats have been caught singing “Tony Blair can f**k off and die” at an annual karaoke night during their party’s conference in Bournemouth, prompting both praise and anger on social media.

Truth be told, the pro-EU party are not renowned for their protest songs, but their “Glee Club” night on Monday ostensibly showcased if not their vocal talents then at least their undeniable disdain for former British prime minister Tony Blair.

To the tune of American Don McLean’s classic song, American Pie, delegates are heard singing with real gusto:

cos that’s pie in the sky
Us Lib Dems will take courage and cry
Tony Blair can f**k off and die
Tony Blair can f**k off and die

The video clip of the group singalong was posted on Twitter by the Financial Times’ political editor, George Parker. It’s provoked high emotions, with some contending that if the Brexit Party had sung such a song “the media would have gone into meltdown.”

Others found the choice of lyrics for Blair, who notoriously took Britain into war in Iraq in 2003, as “strange behaviour from so-called Liberals” and a supposed “moderate” party.
However, party members did receive some unlikely allies in the form of Corbynites who joked that it was the only Lib Dem policy that they agree with.

Liberal Democrat leader Jo Swinson closes the conference this afternoon, having agreed as a party to revoke article 50 and cancel Brexit, in the unlikely event that they become the largest party at the next general election.

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