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16 Sep, 2019 10:40

BBC accused of pushing ‘PC agenda’ with rainbow flag-waving rendition of ‘Rule, Britannia’

BBC accused of pushing ‘PC agenda’ with rainbow flag-waving rendition of ‘Rule, Britannia’

The BBC has been accused of spoiling an annual music festival, after a singer swapped the Union Jack for a rainbow flag in a rousing rendition of ‘Rule, Britannia’. The stunt sparked a storm of furious tweets.

Television viewers across the UK tuned in to watch the Last Night of the Proms – the climax of the eight-week classical music festival – in what has traditionally been a showcase of British patriotism and culture. But this year’s concert featured a provocative twist: The mezzo-soprano who accompanied the orchestra hoisted a rainbow ‘pride’ flag as she sang the British classic, ‘Rule, Britannia.’

Jamie Barton, an American singer and self-professed “queer girl with a nose ring,” said that she unfurled the flag during her performance because she wanted to make “a very clear statement of Pride.”

"We are witnessing something rather remarkable," Radio 3’s Petroc Trelawney said during Barton’s performance. “That moment an audience falls in love with a singer.”

But judging from reactions on Twitter, the concert was deeply divisive, with many of the furious comments being directed at the event’s organizer – the BBC.

One disappointed viewer wrote that Last Night used to be a “celebration for the British people,” but has now been “hijacked by politically motivated virtue signalers.”

Others lamented that the BBC’s “PC agenda” ruined the event, and said they would not be tuning in next year. A handful of particularly enraged netizens vowed to never again pay their TV license fee.

This wasn’t the concert’s only flag-related controversy, however. Remain campaigners urged audience members to wave EU flags during the event – leading to more finger-pointing at the BBC.

“Brussels Broadcasting Corporation doing what it does best,” one Twitter user joked.

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