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12 Sep, 2019 00:10

Overturning EU referendum? Lawsuit over BoJo’s suspension of Parliament aims to ‘thwart Brexit’

Overturning EU referendum? Lawsuit over BoJo’s suspension of Parliament aims to ‘thwart Brexit’

A challenge to the legality of PM Boris Johnson’s decision to suspend Parliament in the UK’s top courts is fundamentally about a group of British MPs reversing the result of the 2016 EU referendum, a Brexit analyst has told RT.

Alastair Donald, associate director of the Academy of Ideas, believes the court case against Johnson’s prorogation shows that pro-EU MPs who are upset at the prospect of the UK leaving the bloc are desperate to thwart the “democratic decision” of the British people.

Donald is also a contributor for BrexitCentral, an organization that is “unapologetically optimistic” about a post-Brexit Britain. He hit out at the decision made by the Scottish Court of Session on Wednesday that ruled Johnson’s prorogation of Parliament was “unlawful.”

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Three judges at Scotland’s highest court in Edinburgh ruled that the prorogation of parliament on Monday night by Johnson was unconstitutional. One of the judges, Lord Brodie, told the court that the “tactic to frustrate parliament, could legitimately be established as unlawful.”

Johnson should be worried about the ruling, but also the British society at large, Donald insisted, because the “democratic process is being ripped up in front of our eyes.” 

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Responding to trade union boss Len McCluskey’s warning to the prime minister that he shouldn’t visit Scotland any time soon as he may “face a citizen’s arrest,” Donald was highly critical of such rhetoric.

Everybody at the current moment is trying to hype everything as high as possible with the aim of overturning the decision of Brexit. That's ultimately was this is all about.

His advice to the UK government is to “stand firm on what they see as a political process."

Johnson's government plans a Supreme Court appeal against the ruling, which will be heard next Tuesday. The Labour Party has demanded that Johnson recalls the parliament “immediately.”

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