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11 Sep, 2019 13:16

Farage offers Johnson ‘clean-break Brexit’ ELECTION PACT against ‘Remain alliance’

Farage offers Johnson ‘clean-break Brexit’ ELECTION PACT against ‘Remain alliance’

Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage dramatically used the front page of a national newspaper to offer Prime Minister Boris Johnson an election pact on Wednesday, but the Conservative leader has snubbed the deal.

Farage’s Brexit Party took out a wraparound ad in the Daily Express, as well as a full page ad in the Sun, to make his pitch to the Tories. He pledged to give Johnson’s party a clear run at all their existing seats and targets in exchange for the Conservatives standing aside in 80-90 constituencies.

“We are ready to back Prime Minister Boris Johnson against the Remainer Alliance in a General Election,” the ad reads.

To seal our non-aggression pact, Boris must back a clean-break Brexit and forget about recycling Mrs May’s Withdrawal Agreement.

Farage also told reporters that unless there was a clean-break Brexit, the Conservatives would take a “real kicking” in any election and could not win a majority.

“If we go beyond the 31st of October and we are still a member of the European Union – which looks increasingly likely – then a lot of votes will shift from the Conservative Party to the Brexit Party,” he said.

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However, the prime minister hasn’t bitten on the offer, with word coming from his spokesman at lunchtime on Wednesday that he wouldn’t be doing a deal with Farage.

The House of Commons has already twice blocked Johnson’s bids for an election, and all party leaders have said that it’s only a matter of time before UK citizens have to go to the polls. 

“The Conservatives will take a real kicking from November 1 onwards,” Farage added. “I very much hope that Boris Johnson will simply look at the numbers. If we stand against them, they cannot win a majority.”

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