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10 Sep, 2019 09:05

Female 007? Piers Morgan vows to save James Bond from PC ‘woke imbeciles’ in on-air rant

Female 007? Piers Morgan vows to save James Bond from PC ‘woke imbeciles’ in on-air rant

James Bond must be saved from PC activists who want the next 007 to be a woman, Piers Morgan has stated. The British television host sparked furor on Twitter after vowing to stop the mooted gender change.

Morgan blew a fuse after learning that former 007 star Pierce Brosnan supported the idea of a woman starring as the fictional British spy.

In an on-air tirade, Morgan told the co-hosts of Good Morning Britain that the prospect of a woman playing James Bond was outrageous.

I think it’s pathetic. Absolute, PC-crazed virtue-signaling nonsense. Nonsense! And the campaign to save James Bond starts right here. Because they are not changing James Bond to a damn woman on my watch.

He later tweeted that Bond is a “male cultural icon & must be saved from idiotic, woke, virtue-signaling imbeciles.”

His comments inspired a frenzy of social media commentary, with many applauding Morgan for standing up to the “woke” mob.

Others took delight in knowing that Bond’s gender was such a touchy issue for Morgan, and suggested that the gender change should be made simply for the sake of annoying the British television host.

This isn’t the first time that Morgan has ranted about the iconic spy. In April, he lashed out at Daniel Craig after the Bond star said his replacement should be a woman.

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