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22 Aug, 2019 16:53

What’s French for ‘get your feet off my effing furniture’? BoJo slammed for ‘disrespecting’ Macron

What’s French for ‘get your feet off my effing furniture’? BoJo slammed for ‘disrespecting’ Macron

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has been denounced on social media after being pictured with his foot up on a table in front of French President Emmanuel Macron in his Elysee Palace residence.

So you’ve just conducted your first joint statement with your French counterpart as UK PM in his home country, outside his official home with the world’s media watching on – now, how do you make a good, long-lasting impression? 

By kicking back and putting your feet up on the president’s prized furniture, apparently – if you’re Boris Johnson that is.

A picture of Johnson doing just that on Thursday has prompted outrage and mockery online with many left aghast at the UK prime minister for showing“disrespect with his lack of etiquette. 

Others likened Johnson’s behaviour to that of dad trying too hard to look cool in front of his teenage son and his friends. One Twitter user asked “What’s French for get your feet off my effing furniture you great lummox?”

 Earlier, upon completion of their statement on Brexit negotiations, Johnson and Macron engaged in a hilariously long, macho handshake that had echoes of US President Donald Trump’s infamous greetings with high profile officials.  

Before their meeting, Macron appeared to taunt Johnson, claiming the pursuit of a no-deal Brexit would result in the UK becoming a ‘vassal’ of Trump’s US. He insisted that the cost of a hard Brexit could not be offset by a trade agreement with the US.

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