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24 Jul, 2019 18:28

Denial, anger & cat memes: Brits go through stages of BoJo acceptance on Twitter

Denial, anger & cat memes: Brits go through stages of BoJo acceptance on Twitter

As Boris Johnson exulted in the “awesome foursome” of the UK in his first speech as Prime Minister and proceeded to chase out a small crowd of cabinet members, online observers went from anger and disbelief to bitter sarcasm.

With “just” two cringeworthy gags in two days, Johnson made it clear that the UK is in for a ride, even to those who were not convinced from the moment they knew he would be PM. From the DUDE joke to awesome foursome”, BoJo looks set to smash the gaffe-per-politician record, and while some argue about his policies, others revel in the sheer absurdity the UK has gotten itself into.

There were those who shared helpful tips on how to live through the BoJo era (spoiler: alcohol is involved).

Or just facepalmed in silent despair.

Obvious comparisons were drawn between Johnson and US president Donald Trump, from similar (if more unkempt) hairstyles…

To the way his arrival purged the Cabinet of Theresa May-era secretaries.

And while some were stuck in disbelief…

Or outright denial…

Others skipped straight to cat memes – starring Larry, Chief Mouser to the Cabinet Office himself.

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