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Scot’s song about Boris & Brexit goes viral with Johnson-mocking lyrics (VIDEO)

Scot’s song about Boris & Brexit goes viral with Johnson-mocking lyrics (VIDEO)
A Scottish man’s song about Boris Johnson and Brexit has gone viral for its catchy lyrics about his concerns over the Conservative Party leadership frontrunner.

Callum Beattie’s ‘The Boris Brexit Song’, set to the tune of Smokie's 'Living Next Door to Alice', takes aim at Johnson and Brexit and has been viewed over 272,000 times on Facebook

The lyrics mock Johnson and accuse him of getting an Oxford degree in “robbing people’s taxes with deceptive policies,” and warn he will “privatise the NHS [National Health Service], because that’s what Tories do best.”

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Beattie also mentions Johnson’s recent argument with his partner, saying the politician “fell out with the neighbors,” who recorded the altercation. He refers to Brexit as a “disaster” and says he doesn’t know why the UK is leaving or where it will go, and mocks Johnson for having caviar for breakfast when the pound is in decline. 

The Edinburgh singer said his song is “quite tongue in cheek,” but said he researched Johnson by watching interviews with him before he penned the viral tune. 

“I want to provoke people into thinking so they’re not taking it lying down,” he told the Daily Record. “You can’t be scared of offending people, everyone is going to get offended by something.”

Johnson is currently the frontrunner in the Conservative leadership race between him and Jeremy Hunt, which would see him take over from Theresa May as next UK prime minister. 

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