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9 Jul, 2019 07:33

Steaks just got higher: Shopper spots Vladimir Putin’s face in Aldi meat section (PHOTO)

Steaks just got higher: Shopper spots Vladimir Putin’s face in Aldi meat section (PHOTO)

In what could only be described as a truly rare event, Russian President Vladimir Putin’s face was spotted in an Aberdeen Angus sizzle steak in the meat aisle of a local Aldi supermarket in Croydon, UK.

Gobsmacked local musician Matt Gordon, 39, was dumbfounded while browsing the shop for his dinner when he caught a glimpse of one of the world’s most powerful men staring back at him from the fridge.

“I couldn’t believe it. I had to keep going back. The resemblance was amazing. My Aberdeen Angus sizzle steak looked just like Vladimir Putin,” Gordon told the Sun. “I walked past it a couple of times and each time it looked more and more like Putin.”

It’s not often that world leaders grace the leafy suburbs of Croydon in South London during visits to the UK, in whatever form they might choose to take.

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However, with so much at steak, Gordon opted not to cause an international incident and spared himself a potential grilling from UK and Russian authorities alike. 

“I didn’t buy it in the end – I didn’t want to be responsible for sizzling Vladimir Putin, who knows what might have happened to me. I might have ended up being well done myself.” 

“Russia has weaponized a pack of steak from Aldi,”wrote one Twitter user, tongue firmly in cheek. “The only news story that matters this morning…”added another.

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