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Boris Johnson as British PM is a ‘horrifying prospect’ – Scottish first minister

Boris Johnson as British PM is a ‘horrifying prospect’ – Scottish first minister
Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon told a German magazine that Tory MP Boris Johnson isn’t capable of uniting the country, arguing the pro-Brexit campaigner is ruining the United Kingdom’s credibility.

The first minister told Der Spiegel this week that she sees no sign that Johnson will be able to unite voters, but said she found the possibility of him getting elected leader of the Conservatives – and therefore prime minister – no less disturbing.

“I think the prospect of Boris Johnson as prime minister is a horrifying one for most people, certainly in Scotland, but I suspect for large numbers of people across the United Kingdom as well,” Sturgeon said.

She added that the UK’s reputation had been “deeply damaged” by the push for Brexit, a move favored by Johnson even if Britain fails to reach a deal with the European Union to settle outstanding trade and border issues by the end of October.

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Johnson came out on top of a vote on Thursday to narrow down Conservative candidates for the PM slot, winning the support of 162 MPs. This leaves him facing a runoff against Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt, who came in second with 77 votes.

The two now have four weeks to make their pitches to fellow Tories before the final round of voting, which will open up to the party’s general membership of around 160,000.

Despite his electoral success this week, however, Sturgeon still cast doubt on the Johnson’s chances at victory.

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Recalling Johnson’s recently unearthed remark that the Scottish-born Labour PM Gordon Brown suffered from a “personal political disability” and that “government by a Scot is just not conceivable in the current constitutional context,” Sturgeon shot back that “most Scottish people don't think he is capable of becoming prime minister either.”

So, the feeling is mutual.

This is hardly the first time Sturgeon has voiced her opposition to Johnson, calling him “a complete and utter charlatan” last month. She has also hinted at a second independence referendum in case of a no-deal Brexit. Scotland voted to stay in the UK in 2014, but overwhelmingly voted to remain in the EU two years later.

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