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‘Ridiculous state of affairs’ that pro-Scottish independence view missing from MSM – Stuart Campbell

‘Ridiculous state of affairs’ that pro-Scottish independence view missing from MSM – Stuart Campbell
It’s a “ridiculous state of affairs” that a political viewpoint held by roughly half of Scotland is barely represented by mainstream media, controversial blogger Stuart Campbell told RT.

Campbell spoke to Alex Salmond about the evolution of his viral pro-Scottish independence ‘Wings over Scotland’ blog, which he uses to debunk falsehoods in the unionist press and has grown to a readership of about 250,000 unique readers every month.

“I was watching things on the news that I knew for a fact weren’t true — and I couldn’t understand why these obvious falsehoods weren’t being challenged,” he said.

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Campbell told Salmond he believes the independence movement should have been “more proactive” over the past few years and said that begging London to grant another referendum isn’t ideal.

“I don’t think the strategy of just asking over and over again until they cave in out of the kindness of their hearts is ever going to get us anywhere.”

Campbell is unapologetic and “up front” about the political bias of his blog, telling Salmond: “We are pro-independence, but every claim that we make, every fact that we assert, we give you the source — decide for yourself whether we are telling you the truth or not.”


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