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Masterplan: Liam Gallagher makes pitch for UK PM, pledges to ‘sort this pile of s**t out’

Masterplan: Liam Gallagher makes pitch for UK PM, pledges to ‘sort this pile of s**t out’
Liam Gallagher, the former lead singer of legendary 90s British indie band Oasis, has thrown his mic into the ring to be the next UK prime minister with a priceless tweet that’s gone viral. It ends: “WHY ME? WHY NOT.”

Gallagher, known for his amusing, short, blunt tweets on social media has argued his case to be Theresa May’s successor. In keeping with recent admissions from a string of Tory leadership hopefuls, such as Boris Johnson and Michael Gove, it’s complete with a drugs backstory.

The singer has received a warm reception on Twitter, with many of his fans firing back modified Oasis lyrics, inserting political language. One person joked that the EU’s chief negotiator Michel Barnier “would not stand a chance against Mr Gallagher. He’d have it [Brexit] wrapped up by lunchtime.”

Another suggested that a “‘wonder wall’ on the Irish border” would solve the contentious ‘backstop’ issue, so “you’ve got the job.”

Liam and brother Noel Gallagher formed Oasis in Manchester in 1991, and released their debut album ‘Definitely Maybe’ in 1994. They formed an infamous rivalry with London band Blur during that decade, with both widely accepted as spearheading the dominance of ‘Britpop’ for a brief, but critical, time in British music.

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