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‘We will bring him down’: Tory leadership outsider Stewart warns BoJo against suspending parliament

‘We will bring him down’: Tory leadership outsider Stewart warns BoJo against suspending parliament
If Boris Johnson, the favorite to succeed Theresa May, suspends the UK parliament in order to ram through a ‘no-deal’ Brexit, then British lawmakers “will bring him down,” fellow Tory leadership contender Rory Stewart has warned.

In an interview with Sky News, Stewart was asked to respond to suggestions that Johnson, the former foreign secretary, would go ahead with such a drastic course of action to resolve Brexit. The rank outsider for the top job said that such a move would be “unconstitutional, improper and really disturbing.”

I and every other member of parliament will sit across the road in the Methodist central hall and we will hold our own session of parliament and we will bring him down.

It comes as Johnson cemented his status as the candidate to beat after blowing away the competition in the first round of voting to decide the next Tory leader and UK PM. He received 114 votes from Conservative MPs, 71 more than his nearest rival, Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt.

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Eton-educated Stewart, claimed that anybody who tried to ignore the will of parliament doesn’t deserve to hold the highest position in office.

Somebody who attempted to subvert our constitution, our liberties, our parliament… who dared to stand as prime minister and claim they could lock the doors on parliament would not deserve to be prime minister.

Stewart, who has caught the imagination of the liberal commentariat with his inclusive speeches staged in public spaces, scraped through with 19 votes. Stewart received a boost, before Tory MPs cast their votes, when Conservative Home – the Tory grassroots website – revealed that he was now members’ second favorite for the top job.

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