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‘Fake news!’ ‘Fake Conservatives!’: Pro-Brexit protester storms McVey’s Tory leadership launch

‘Fake news!’ ‘Fake Conservatives!’: Pro-Brexit protester storms McVey’s Tory leadership launch
A Conservative member brought leadership hopeful Esther McVey’s campaign launch to a chaotic end, rushing to the podium to deliver an angry diatribe in protest at British MPs’ failure to deliver Brexit.

The protester directed his rage at the media who had gathered to hear McVey pitch her leadership credentials and outline why she was best placed to succeed Theresa May as prime minister.

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No sooner had the former work and pensions secretary finished her speech, could the Tory member be seen running on to the platform to vent his fury.

Excuse me, you are all fake news and you are all fake Conservatives!

The assembled audience at the euroskeptic Bruges Group in London started booing the man, who is a self-confessed “paid up member of the Conservative Party.”According to ITV's Paul Brand the man's name is Graham Moore, and he is angry MPs have not delivered Brexit.

Officials at the launch attempted to remove him, as he warned them that if they were to touch him, he would have them arrested.

A minor scuffle then ensued before the noticeably upset man departed the room, not before dishing out some more harsh words and finger pointing at McVey, other Tories who sat on the panel, and the media, who he branded again: “Fake news.”

It came after McVey had earlier been brutally snubbed by her former TV colleague, Lorraine Kelly, during a live broadcast. She and the other Conservative leadership hopefuls, including Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt and former Brexit Secretary Dominic Raab, officially launched their campaign bids on Monday.

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