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9 Jun, 2019 18:42

Clashes outside Hong Kong parliament as ‘over 1 million’ march against extradition bill (VIDEOS)

Clashes outside Hong Kong parliament as ‘over 1 million’ march against extradition bill (VIDEOS)

Hong Kong police used batons and pepper spray as they clashed with crowds of protesters outside the city’s parliament. Hundreds of thousands filled the city’s streets to oppose a bill allowing extradition to mainland China.

Hundreds of protesters stormed police barricades on Sunday night while trying to force themselves into the city’s parliament building, local media reported. The officers, in full riot gear, pushed the crowd away using batons and pepper spray.

Clashes were also reported along the Admiralty section of the city’s business district where the parliament is based.

The violence occurred after nearly 10 hours of massive peaceful protests against the controversial extradition bill. The organizers estimate that over a million people marched down Hennessy Road in central Hong Kong, denouncing the proposed legislation.

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Some of the protesters, chanting “Scrap the evil law,” camped at parks and staged sit-ins outside parliament.

The bill was inspired by an ongoing case of a man who admitted to killing his girlfriend during a trip to Taiwan. Lawmakers argue that it will allow the extradition of fugitive criminals to Taiwan and mainland China, which is impossible under existing Hong Kong laws.

Protesters, however, insist that the bill will open the way to extradite minorities and political prisoners to Beijing.

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