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Twitter cringes at Trump and May’s lack of handshake, but all’s not what it seems (VIDEO)

Twitter cringes at Trump and May’s lack of handshake, but all’s not what it seems (VIDEO)
US President Donald Trump’s visit to the UK has been pockmarked with faux pas and breaches of protocol, yet online commenters were still baffled that he and Theresa May eschewed a handshake outside Downing Street.

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Trump and First Lady Melania Trump arrived at the prime minister’s residence shortly after 11am local time and were greeted by Theresa May, her husband Philip and a cacophony of boos from nearby protesters. However, the exchange more closely resembled a Mexican standoff than a meeting of heads of state and their partners, as neither Trump nor Theresa even attempted the customary handshake.  

Nothing escapes the ever-watchful eye of the twitterati, and it wasn’t long before severalnewsoutlets and some on social media questioned whether there was any ulterior motive at play.

The answer was actually rather mundane.

However, many continued to revel in the supposed awkwardness of the whole affair, from fist-bumps to the visiting US president not knowing what the NHS was, all while a giant baby Trump floated above the London skyline, above another effigy, this one of him sitting on a golden toilet.

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