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23 May, 2019 14:11

‘Disgusting behaviour’: Farage decries latest ‘milkshaking’ attack on elderly army veteran

‘Disgusting behaviour’: Farage decries latest ‘milkshaking’ attack on elderly army veteran

Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage has slammed those responsible for an alleged milkshake attack on an army veteran who represents his anti-EU party. He is the latest victim to be doused with the ice-cold dessert drink.

Farage, himself a victim of such an incident while campaigning for EU Parliament elections in Newcastle city center, has taken to social media to voice his outrage.

Yet more disgusting behaviour. When democracy fails, civility ends. Let’s get Brexit done and finish this.

Witnesses claim that a man riding a bicycle hurled a milkshake at Don McNaughton, who is in his 80s, after spotting his Brexit Party rosette. The retired army officer was stood outside a polling station in Aldershot, Hampshire on Thursday when the incident reportedly took place.

The elderly man becomes the fourth victim in recent weeks to be on the receiving end of such an attack on individuals associated with right-wing parties/agendas.

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The milkshake protest started with Tommy Robinson, real name Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, who was targeted with a McDonald’s shake in Warrington. The footage quickly went viral. Robinson’s second dairy attack came soon after, during a visit to Greater Manchester while on the campaign trail.

UKIP EU parliamentary candidate, Carl Benjamin, who has caused controversy with his rape “joke” about a female Labour MP, had a milkshake hurled at him while canvassing for support in Truro, Cornwall.

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Farage had his campaigning efforts interrupted for second time while touring Dartford, Gravesend and Rochester on Wednesday by a band of milkshake-wielding protesters. They reportedly forced the Euroskeptic politician to remain on his ‘Brexit bus’ to avoid a drenching.

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