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MPs could ‘steal Brexit from the people’ – Brexiteer attempts counter-attack after May humiliation

MPs could ‘steal Brexit from the people’ – Brexiteer attempts counter-attack after May humiliation
Liam Fox warned that there is a real danger that parliament will try to ‘steal Brexit from the people,’ after a triple parliamentary defeat for the government increased the chances of the Brexit process being halted altogether.

The International Trade Secretary combative comments came at a hearing of the the trade committee. Following a question from SNP MP Angus MacNeil over the current state of Brexit, Fox reiterated his support for Theresa May’s deal.

He added: “There is a real danger that the House of Commons, which is a natural Remain majority, may attempt to steal Brexit from the people which I think will be a democratic afront.”

Amid mocking questions from the committee members, Fox came out fighting for May’s deal, “My view, frankly, is that if you are in prison and someone offers you the key you take it.”

Despite the government turmoil, the ardent Brexiteer doubled down on his convictions, stating that Brexit “is twice as right now” than it was at the 2016 referendum.

On Tuesday, Theresa May, partly due to rebellions in her own party and from the DUP, suffered multiple historic parliamentary defeats, in one of the worst days for a sitting Government in living memory:

  • First, May’s government was found to in contempt of parliament for the first time in modern history over their refusal to publish the full legal advice of the Attorney General on the Withdrawal Agreement.
  • MPs also won the right to have their say in the next step of the process should May’s deal be voted down on December 11 – effectively removing the option of a no deal Brexit.

Leader of the House, and ally of May, Andrea Leadsom had a warning for Tory rebels, telling BBC Radio 4's Today program: “I think any parliamentarian who wants at some point in the future to be in Government is going to live to regret their vote last night."

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The tumultuous day in parliament, which began with the EU’s top legal advisers telling the UK it has the power to unilaterally stop the Brexit process, was clearly too much for some former cabinet members. Boris Johnson got in a customary muddle, saying: “We may be 1-0 down at this stage of the negotiation with the EU but we can still win 2-0.”

Remainers’ hopes of stopping Brexit or having another referendum were reflected by US banking giant, JP Morgan’s prediction that put the UK’s chances of remaining in the EU at 40 percent, compared to 20 percent previously, citing the opinion of the European Court of Justice.

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