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2 Dec, 2018 14:07

JK Rowling ‘magically’ masters Russian in Twitter spat with Brexit sponsor

JK Rowling ‘magically’ masters Russian in Twitter spat with Brexit sponsor

Taking a hit during an online duel with a pro-Brexit sponsor Arron Banks, Harry Potter author JK Rowling fired back with a lengthy tirade in Russian, prompting a flurry of reactions.

JK Rowling lashed out at Britain’s departure again, writing in an angry tweet: “I swear to God I'm trying not to bang on about Brexit but for f**k’s sake, every time I come out of my writing room and look at the news some more dumbassery has been committed.”

The fiery message has caught the eye of Arron Banks, Britain's biggest ever individual political donor who put his wealth to support his Leave.EU campaign group. “Writing room! Could you be any more pretentious?” Banks tweeted.

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Rowling accepted the challenge, telling Banks – in fairly good Russian – that this “modest man” spends his money “not on writing rooms, but on expensive lunches with suspiciously rich Russians.”

Twitterati rushed to comment on the Russian tirade, in which the Harry Potter author explicitly referred to Banks’ alleged links to Moscow.

Some Rowling fans were seemingly amused by the famous writer’s command of Russian – at least by the one she showed off in the tweet.

One user simply poked fun at the tweet, writing, “I’m a suspiciously poor Russian, I’d like to have a writing room, or at least, a lunch.”

In the middle of the altercation, Banks, who is married to a Russian woman, came out with another tweet attacking how Rowling mastered the language of Chekhov.

Other users, who didn’t feel the irony of the Twitter duel, rushed to support Rowling’s right to have a writing room.

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