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6 Nov, 2018 11:04

‘Kim Kardashian or girl next door’: Sex doll company makes models of women without their consent

‘Kim Kardashian or girl next door’: Sex doll company makes models of women without their consent

A sex doll company is offering to make ‘models’ based on pictures of real women, without checking if they consent to their likeness being used.

The Birmingham-based company, Sex Doll Official, said customers can submit images of any woman to create a doll in their likeness for up to several thousand dollars. The company said customers often send in pictures of celebrities, as well as of regular women. Their website features images of Kim Kardashian, Beyonce, actress Margot Robbie and model Adriana Lima.

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Company owner Jade Stanley admitted to the Daily Star that they are unaware if the women in the pictures submitted by clients have given permission for a sex doll to be modelled after them, saying the dolls are “just a likeness”.

“In terms of customisation, it’s anything whatsoever. Celebrity, dead spouse or someone you fancy,” she said.

Defending the service, the business owner questioned who could say who is or isn't allowed to paint someone's likeness. She claimed some clients are just “socially awkward”, while others ask for replicas of their deceased partners.

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Stanley said customers can order a doll by submitting an image and specifying details like hair and skin color, weight and breast size. The personalised doll is then manufactured in China.

It really does vary, you get people asking for a Kim Kardashian, or a girl next door. It’s just so different across the board,” added Stanley, who said she’s hoping to expand the service globally.

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