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3 Oct, 2018 16:21

A look back at Theresa May’s awkward dancing career that’s bringing the ‘robot’ back (VIDEOS)

A look back at Theresa May’s awkward dancing career that’s bringing the ‘robot’ back (VIDEOS)

British Prime Minister Theresa May has been using her political career as a Trojan Horse to sneak ‘the robot’ dance move back into society (because really what other reason could there be?) - and here’s all the proof you need.

Extensive research by RT.com has unearthed a series of highly calculated attempts at bringing the unfortunate dance move back from the dead, by performing at various political events which the PM knew would be broadcast to an impressionable audience.

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First there was what many hoped would be a once-off awkward encounter in South Africa:

However, just two days later the PM continued her cringeworthy dance tour by attempting to boogie-on-down with some students, in her signature stiff style, in Kenya:

The PM went on to solidify her ‘Maybot’ move on Wednesday at the Conservative Party’s annual conference, when she emerged on stage in all her glory grooving to Abba’s Dancing Queen.

It also appears May’s cunning plan is working as the so-called ‘MayBot’ continues to entrance the masses. While social media users haven’t always reacted kindly to the prime minister’s somewhat uncomfortable rendition of the classic technique, ‘the robot’ is most definitely back, which begs the question: Who is the real loser here?

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