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31 Aug, 2018 09:36

‘I like to move it, move it’: WATCH Theresa May indulging in ‘robotic’ African dance

‘I like to move it, move it’: WATCH Theresa May indulging in ‘robotic’ African dance

Theresa May reaffirmed her reputation as the Tory Dance Queen after once again showing off her moves in Africa, drawing widespread mockery for the second time in two days on Twitter.

The PM already made the headlines this week after flaunting her dance moves in Cape Town, South Africa. And just 48 hours later, she was at it again in Kenya while meeting a group of scouts during a visit to a UN campus in Nairobi.

Hilarious footage shows the PM starting off by simply imitating some scout dancers in front of her with some very stiff and mechanical moves. She then goes for a full-blown twirl as she dances in front of an amused crowd in her dark suit and signature leopard-skin shoes.

People took to Twitter to mock the leader’s performance, with one saying he hopes her ability to negotiate Brexit isn’t as bad as her dance technique.

Another unimpressed social media user said: “This is sub-cutaneously disturbing...”

Meanwhile, Twitter users suggested May’s repeated dance stunts may actually be an attempt to cover-up the Brexit “cock-up.”

While onlookers seemed happy with May’s attempt to integrate by participating in Africa’s traditional dances, Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta didn’t, however, shy away from taking a swipe at May during a press conference on her final day in Africa.

Kenyatta said he was pleased the PM had “honored our invitation to come and see for yourself our country and continent that has changed in the last nearly four decades since a UK prime minister visited.”

Theresa May arrived in the former British colony on Tuesday as part of a three-leg trip to the continent to secure trade and defense ties ahead of the UK crashing out of the bloc next year.

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