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14 Jul, 2018 08:37

Trump fails to follow royal protocol as he meets Queen (VIDEO)

US President Donald Trump failed to impress the British during his visit to the UK, due to both his policies and the way he behaved with the Queen. He broke etiquette several times during his short meeting with the royal.

President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump arrived at Windsor Castle to meet Queen Elizabeth II on Friday, becoming the fourth US president that the 92-year-old monarch has received at the palace, but the 11th that she has met during her reign. 

The encounter got off to a bad start, as Trump failed to greet the Queen properly, omitting to offer a neck bow as required in official guidelines on the royal website. Melania also failed to perform the required “small curtsy.” The two rules are not obligatory, as the etiquette provides that “other people prefer simply to shake hands in the usual way.” However, bowing and curtsying are considered good manners and are usually practiced by officials when meeting the royal family.

Minutes later, Trump showed bad manners again while inspecting the royal guard with the Queen. Trump both walked ahead of the Queen and turned his back to her as they walked past the guards.

Some people accused Trump of running late for the meeting, making the 92-year old wait for his cortege. She was also seen checking her watch. However, he arrived on time and the Queen had just arrived earlier to meet the guests, according to British media.

Twitter erupted to accuse the US leader of disrespect, with some even calling Trump’s behavior a “national humiliation” and “an insult to Britain.”  Many rushed to compare Trump’s short stay with his predecessors’ visits, some of whom stayed overnight at Buckingham Palace.