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8 May, 2018 12:55

'If I'd said Hitler was a Zionist I'd be off to check for dementia' - Ken Livingstone on RT (VIDEO)

'If I'd said Hitler was a Zionist I'd be off to check for dementia' - Ken Livingstone on RT (VIDEO)

Ex-London Mayor Ken Livingstone has told RT’s ‘Sam Delaney’s News Thing’ that he never called Hitler a Zionist and would have checked himself into the doctors to check he wasn't suffering from first stage dementia if he had.

Responding to the claim that Labour did not win Barnet at the recent council elections in England owing to the party’s perceived issue with anti-Semitism, Livingstone pointed out that Labour had never been in charge of Barnet, and that "the debate [about anti-Semitism] has been set largely by our hostile enemies."

Livingstone cited his own personal experiences of being accused of being an anti-Semite because of past remarks he made about Hitler and Zionism.

"I still get Jewish people come up to me in the street and say why did you say Hitler was a Zionist?

“I pointed out I didn’t but...still people believe this…you only have to go online to check. If I'd said Hitler was a Zionist I wouldn't have just apologized I'd have been off to the doctor to check it wasn't the sign of first-stage dementia,” Livingstone said.

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Ken Livingstone is currently suspended by the Labour Party after it was claimed he made anti-Semitic remarks regarding Hitler supporting Zionists in their quest to form the state of Israel.

A Labour spokesperson in March this year said: “Ken Livingstone has been administratively suspended from the Labour Party, pending the outcome of an internal party investigation. That suspension starts on the date that his membership suspension applied by the National Constitutional Committee [NCC] ends on 27 April 2018.”

Livingstone denies the charges against him.

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