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27 Feb, 2018 07:25

‘Man up!’: Britons react to ‘Beast from the East’ weather storm hitting the UK

‘Man up!’: Britons react to ‘Beast from the East’ weather storm hitting the UK

As the ‘Beast from the East’ storm hits the UK, Tweeters have expressed their concerns over the frosty weather conditions. But, while some Brits are stocking up on essentials, others are calling on the public to just “man up.”

The Met Office has issued yellow and amber warnings as the Siberian air sweeps across the country. This month is tipped to be the coldest February in the UK in the past five years.

The storm has caused quite some reaction on Twitter, alarmist at its worst and hilarious at its best. Some people have announced they are heading to Tesco to stock up on essentials, as they expect to stay indoors until the storm blows over. Others, however, say the panic caused by ‘The Beast’ has made the UK a laughing stock.

One user pleaded for help and tweeted:

While some shops are reportedly running out of supplies… 

Braver UK residents ridiculed the alarmists, saying:

Some just couldn’t get their head around how a #uksnow hashtag even started trending given the few inches of snow.

One user claimed the public’s reaction will make the UK a laughing stock:

Others mocked:

There were also those who managed to politicize the Eastern beast as they tweeted: “Russian snow is settling in the UK. If that happened in the US, Trump would be blaming Obama.”

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