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23 Feb, 2018 15:13

Farage in the USA: ‘In the UK, people are beginning to get the Trump message’

Farage in the USA: ‘In the UK, people are beginning to get the Trump message’

Nigel Farage has begged Americans to ignore London Mayor Sadiq Khan and Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, telling a TV station that the UK is instead embracing the US president.

Farage is currently in Washington for the annual Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC). He took some time out to speak to Fox News about the special relationship between the US and UK.  

“In 2016, we had this amazing twin results of Brexit and the Trump victory,” Farage told Fox News. “Sadly, since that moment, relations between the UK and USA have not moved on in the way that they should.

“I want to say to the audience at CPAC: Please don’t judge my country by the London Mayor Sadiq Khan, by Mr Corbyn and the left, who every time we’re told the president will visit the UK promise mass street protests. In the UK, too, people are beginning to get the Trump message.”

Is the UK beginning to get the “Trump message,” though? After some weird hand-holding with our prime minister, and POTUS’ inclination to share violent anti-Islamic tweets posted by far-right British groups on social media, the question is this: What is Farage on about?

At the conclusion of 2017, activists planned the biggest rally in history ahead of a proposed visit for Trump, which he later cancelled.

Farage’s declaration of the UK’s love for Trump isn’t the only kerfuffle he’s been involved in during his trip across the pond. On the topic of Jeremy Corbyn, Farage told Fox News all about the Labour leader’s alleged penchant for chatting with Czechoslovakian spies in the 1980s.

“Newspapers in America and the UK say I colluded with the Russians,” Farage told Fox News. “What about Corbyn, who met communist soviet agents?” he asked, apparently not learning from that time Corbyn’s lawyers threatened legal action against Tory party Vice-Chairman Ben Bradley for tweeting about exactly the same thing.

This isn’t the first time the UKIP member has gone wild in the States. In 2017, Farage, who was broadcasting in Washington during his last CPAC trip, was unceremoniously forced off air due to an unplanned security sweep.

Farage was taking calls from listeners on UK immigration when security ops with large German shepherds began to clear the building.

Speaking to LBC’s Clive Bull shortly thereafter, Farage said the situation was pretty cut and dry. "When a guy with a gun and a Secret Service badge comes up to you and says more than one time 'Move,' that's what you do,” he stated.

Farage told the seasoned radio announcer that a last-minute shake-up to the speaker agenda had prompted the security beef-up. "Today there was a late addition to the speaker roster of Vice President Mike Pence,” he said.

"And they’ve literally – the Secret Service – decided to sweep the building clear. So, 10,000 people, plus the media pack and everybody, were forced out into the sunshine. When the Americans do security, they don’t do it by halves,” he added with a laugh.