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23 Feb, 2018 11:21

'Dirtiest slur in 50 years’: Fuming John Prescott slams Tory’s Corbyn spy-claim tweet

'Dirtiest slur in 50 years’: Fuming John Prescott slams Tory’s Corbyn spy-claim tweet

A fuming John Prescott slammed a Tory MP for the “dirtiest slur he has ever seen in 50 years” against Jeremy Corbyn. He was referring to a Conservative MP’s accusation linking the Labour leader to Czechoslovakian spies.

The former deputy prime minister called on the Tory party Chairman Brandon Lewis to sack Vice-Chairman Ben Bradley over a tweet in which he alleged Corbyn worked as an informant for the Eastern bloc back in the 1980s. The tweet was deleted after Corbyn threatened Bradley with a libel suit.

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In a remarkable swipe at his Tory opponents on BBC Question Time, Prescott said: “Look, I’ve been 50 years in parliament and I have to say this is the dirtiest slur I have seen against any individual politician. I have known Jeremy all the time he has been in parliament and I have to say he is an honest man who states principles.

“They might not be agreeable to you, but he has become the elected leader of the Labour Party,” Prescott continued. He then hit out at Lewis for advocating a “respect pledge” for Tory candidates, stipulating that Conservatives should “behave responsibly and show respect” to opponents. Prescott asked if, by these standards, he would sack Bradley over his slur.

"Your vice chairman, who you appointed, said he was selling British secrets to Communist spies. My God, there’s no evidence for that!” said Prescott.

"Will you now, under this new program of better moral standards, sack your vice chairman who said those things without evidence?” He added: “Now, you’ve got top people in the Tory party lined up with their with right-wing papers to say [Corbyn] is a traitor, an agent. This is unacceptable.”

Lewis claimed in response that there was a big difference between a “proper and robust debate” and “personal abuse.” But Prescott hit back with a knockout blow, saying: “This isn’t about spies, it’s about lies.” Prescott’s defense of the Labour leader was lauded on social media. Tweeters said the former deputy PM is “still strong.”

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