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16 Feb, 2018 09:44

#ICYMI: Hey! Politics! Why can’t you just leave us all alone?! (VIDEO)

#ICYMI: Hey! Politics! Why can’t you just leave us all alone?! (VIDEO)

It can’t have escaped your attention that politics now infests every part of life. You can’t watch the Oscars, update your Facebook page or even go to the lavatory without having to choose sides.

Legend tells of a time when people would engage in conversation and debate, having formed opinions based on evidence and facts. When award ceremonies were about best supporting actors, and not political rallies for the rich and the privileged. When an avocado was just a fruit. (Or a vegetable? Who knows?)

Well, ICYMI is here to tell you those times are gone, and you’re going to need form an opinion. Or at least pretend.

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