Twitter users target Daily Mail over ‘remainer universities’ campaign

Twitter users target Daily Mail over ‘remainer universities’ campaign
The Daily Mail has come under fire from Twitter users following its campaign against universities it believes to be guilty of “anti-Brexit bias.”

Earlier this week, Government Whip Chris Heaton-Harris was accused of engaging in “McCarthyite” tactics after sending a letter to universities asking for the names of their “European affairs” professors. The Conservative Party MP for Daventry also requested that university staff hand over their course materials related to Brexit.

As Heaton-Harris faced criticism over what some described as an attack on academic freedom, the Daily Mail sought to defend the move, running a front-page ‘exposé’ on what it dubbed “remainer universities.”

“Yesterday the Daily Mail uncovered string of examples of senior figures at universities explicitly speaking out in favor of Remain,” the article read.

The paper then encouraged students to contact a specially created email address if they have experienced “anti-Brexit bias at university.”

Naturally, some Twitter users thought the campaign farcical and wasted no time in sending an email that would make their feelings known.

Some saw echoes of more troubling and oppressive regimes of the past.