Boris for the boot? Senior Tories call for Brexit-meddling minister to be sacked

Boris for the boot? Senior Tories call for Brexit-meddling minister to be sacked
Boris Johnson should be sacked from the cabinet for attempting to undermine and overthrow Prime Minister Theresa May, according to Tory MPs.

The foreign secretary has mounted what looks increasingly like a leadership bid against the PM, and continues to interfere in Brexit talks.

The Conservative Party conference is being largely overshadowed by Johnson’s games, which include having his own ‘vision’ for the split from the European Union published in a national newspaper.

Two senior Tory MPs, members of the 1922 Committee, told the Daily Mail they would back May if she booted Boris out of the inner circle.

In an embarrassing start to the Tory conference, Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson referenced the ‘psychodrama’ happening within Westminster.

Business leaders from the British Chamber of Commerce have also demanded an end to the battle between Boris and Theresa, calling for ‘competence and coherence’ going forward.

But Johnson may indeed be ‘unsackable’ after May appeared unable to answer the question on the Andrew Marr show this weekend.

Top Tories have said enough is enough.

“She has got the authority to create the government she wants,” one told the Daily Mail.

“She is in a much stronger position than most people realize. Colleagues have not got much patience for the kind of self-indulgence we have been seeing.

“We have two choices at this conference – either we mess about and make things worse than they already are or we don’t. Everyone needs to understand that.”

“The party has made a decision that it is sticking with the PM for now. It will not tolerate people who try to get in the way of that,” Another said.

Johnson, who reportedly accused May of being a ‘slave’ to her own chiefs of staff before the general election, played down the drama.

“If you studied what I said, it was basically government policy,” he told the Daily Telegraph.

“I think it’s extraordinary that so much fuss has been made about repeating government policy.”

Former party chairman Grant Shapps said on Sunday the PM is “not strong enough” to sack Johnson.

In a documentary on Sunday, friends of Johnson said he has claimed May will be gone “within a year.”