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22 Sep, 2017 11:15

Londoners react to Uber losing its license (TWEETS)

Londoners react to Uber losing its license (TWEETS)

Londoners have taken to social media with a mixture of fury and delight after Transport for London (TfL) announced it would not renew Uber’s license in the British capital as the company is “not fit and proper” to hold one.

TfL said the taxi-hailing app had demonstrated “a lack of corporate responsibility in relation to a number of issues which have potential public safety and security implications.”

Its current license expires on September 30.

Uber, which has about 40,000 drivers in the capital, has already announced it will appeal the decision. TfL says Uber can operate until all appeals are exhausted.

The firm has faced criticism from unions, lawmakers and traditional black cab drivers over working conditions and accusations that it does not do enough to regulate drivers. Opponents also claim it causes gridlocked roads.

Globally, Uber has endured a tumultuous few months after a string of scandals involving allegations of sexism and bullying at the company, leading to investor pressure which forced out former CEO and co-founder Travis Kalanick.

Many showed their support on social media for Uber’s ban. Twitter user Emily Reynolds said: “If you liked being sad that Uber lost its license’ you may also like ‘a complete disregard for sexual assault victims and workers rights.’”

Jonn Elledge tweeted: “Hot take: If Uber wanted to keep its licence, it shouldn’t have replied ‘LOL no’ every time TfL asked it to improve something.”

Many have interpreted the decision as a “big win” for workers’ rights. Twitter user Ben said: “Great result! Poor treatment of workers will not be tolerated.”

Nick Atkins tweeted: “Well done TfL. Corporate responsibility for workers and passengers first.

Twitter user Tom said Uber “needs banning in a whole lot more cities besides London.”

The decision, however, was criticized by many. Twitter user Tom Harwood said: “Sadiq Khan and the Labour Party have turned their backs on young people who want a safer, cheaper, more convenient way to get about.

“I can’t count the number of times Uber has got me out of a sticky situation. Without it I’d face much walking through London in the night.”

Ali Hills tweeted that as a single woman, Uber is the only form of transport she feels safe using.

Paul Ilett tweeted: “The London Uber ruling appears to have gone down like a lead balloon on Twitter. Customers have less choice and aren’t happy.”

Dennis Stinker said: “Uber being banned in London will cripple London’s economy of workers who like that extra 15 minutes in bed. Now we’ll all be late.”

Others are already planning a protest. Christiana WB tweeted: “Now this is a cause to go out in the streets and protest!”