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‘Where’s Theresa May? Not up for the job?’ Ex-aide to Brexit chief now turns on PM

‘Where’s Theresa May? Not up for the job?’ Ex-aide to Brexit chief now turns on PM
Former-aide to Brexit Secretary David Davis, James Chapman, has now turned on Theresa May, claiming she’s so “fed up” with the job of prime minister that she no longer sleeps at 10 Downing Street.

“Where is Theresa May?” Chapman tweeted.

“I hear she’s so fed up she doesn’t sleep in No10. Hand over to someone who’s up to the job eh?”

The tweet comes a day after Chapman’s online tirade in which he accused Davis of being a lazy, incompetent, bullying liar who was unfit for the job of negotiating Britain’s EU exit.

He also questioned the intellect of the prime minister and claimed neither she nor Davis had any idea what they were doing on Brexit.
He claimed Davis “leered” over Labour MP Diane Abbott while allegedly “drunk,” and that he keeps former UKIP leader Nigel Farage on “speed dial.”

He also claimed Davis got easy rides in BBC interviews because he had close relationships with top presenters, and made extraordinary outbursts against foreign leaders.

He also called on his former Brexit department colleagues to resign, as they were being asked “to facilitate misconduct in public office.”

Chapman also tweeted: “Brexiteers asking if I’ve gone mad. Well I am incandescent at what they’ve done to my country.”

Chapman, who is also the former political editor of the Daily Mail, a forthright anti-European Union newspaper, was appointed chief of staff to Britain’s Brexit secretary David Davis.

He quit the Department for Exiting the European Union before the election in June, and in recent weeks has begun sharing some of his concerns about the lack of planning by British officials and the apparent unwillingness to publicly address the scale of the task.

Chapman claims the only way to escape the mess of Brexit is for the creation of a new party called the “Democrats” to be launched in September.

The new party would seek to overturn Brexit and then ban all future referenda.

In the days since he first proposed the idea, Chapman says he has been approached by two Tory MPs in Cabinet and several former Cabinet ministers asking about the new party.

With a taste of what’s to come, Chapman tweeted that environment secretary, Michael Gove, is next.