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14 Jun, 2017 04:40

West London Grenfell Tower fire

West London Grenfell Tower fire

Twelve people are confirmed dead after a fire engulfed Grenfell Tower, a high-rise apartment block in West London, which started and rapidly spread on Tuesday night.

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  • 14 June 2017

    18:53 GMT

    More than £145,000 ($184,000) has been raised by a series of GofundMe campaigns set up to help people affected by the tragic tower block fire.

  • 18:20 GMT

  • 16:35 GMT

    A “considerable number of people” were in Grenfell Tower when the blaze erupted on Tuesday night, said police.

    Emergency services continue the search for residents as the number of people unaccounted for is yet unknown.

  • 16:20 GMT

    The Metropolitan police (MET) has confirmed the death toll from the Grenfell Tower inferno has risen to 12.

    Met police commander Stuart Cundy said the death toll is likely to rise further as he does not "think any more survivors will be found".

    Cundy said the incident in North Kensington would entail a “long and complex recovery operation”, but that almost all the tower block- which is thought to be the residence of between 400 and 600 people- has now been searched.

    The London Fire Brigade said 250 firefighters and 40 engines “at its height” were fighting to block the blaze for dozens of hours.

    The force said fire was unprecedented in “scale, speed and spread” and that forces will stay at the scene throughout the night as the incident remains “live” and “challenging”.

  • 16:13 GMT

    The Metropolitan police (MET) has confirmed the death toll from the Grenfell Tower inferno has risen to 12, saying it is likely the number of fatalities will increase further.

  • 15:43 GMT

    Labour’s newly-elected MP for Kensington and Chelsea, Emma Dent Coad, said there should be a “full inquiry” into the Grenfell Tower.

    Speaking outside Rugby Portobello Trust emergency centre, Dent Coad told the BBC the fire was “absolutely appalling” and that questions must be asked about Kensington and Chelsea Tenant Management Organization and the council’s response.

  • 15:27 GMT

    The London Ambulance Service said 69 people have been taken to hospital, while a further 10 made their own way.

    Up to 18 remain in a critical condition.

  • 15:09 GMT

    Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt has praised emergency services for their response to the Grenfell Tower blaze that killed at least six people since it broke out on Tuesday night.

  • 14:23 GMT

    House of Commons speaker John Bercow has extended his condolences to the victims of the Grenfell Tower fire.

    He said although Parliament cannot examine the event as normal, as it is not currently in session, ministers would still be meeting.

  • 14:06 GMT

    The Royal London Borough of Kensington and Chelsea has tweeted that substantial support will be given to anyone involved in the Grenfell Tower blaze.