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‘Crocodile shark’ from your nightmares just washed up on UK beach (PHOTOS)

‘Crocodile shark’ from your nightmares just washed up on UK beach (PHOTOS)
Winter swims just got nippier in the UK as a ‘crocodile shark’ was found washed up on the shore in Devon. The shark, rarely found in colder waters, is believed to be a one-off but experts have asked the public to notify them of any more, in case there is an influx.

Steven Greenfields was out for a walk with his family on Hope Beach in Devon when he stumbled across the find, the first record of the species in the UK, according to Devon Live. Greenfields, an experienced diver, could not identify the species himself and so submitted images of his discovery to the National Marine Aquarium.

"On first inspection of the photos we thought the animal could be a juvenile Porbeagle Shark, which is found in UK waters. However, we identified numerous traits which suggested it was not any shark usually recorded in UK waters,” James Wright from the aquarium said.

It was eventually identified with the help of contacts as a crocodile shark, with Wright believing the shock of cold water probably killed it.

An influx of sharks in UK waters is not expected but UK shark conservation charity, The Shark Trust, has asked the public to let it know of any other sightings so they can monitor potential trends.

Crocodile sharks are not considered dangerous to humans, but if provoked can cause injuries and damage with their powerful bite.

The sea has been full of surprises all over the world lately, with mysterious monstrous carcasses washing up on the shores of the Philippines and some very devilish looking fish being caught by fishermen in Russia.

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