Fathers’ pressure group occupies Labour leader Corbyn’s roof

Fathers’ pressure group occupies Labour leader Corbyn’s roof
Paternal activist group Fathers 4 Justice has occupied the roof of Jeremy Corbyn’s London home because the Labour Party leader is yet to meet with them.

The group is known for its high-profile trespass stunts, in which campaigners dress up in superhero costumes and demand a change to British law on questions of shared parenting and visitation rights.

Two men were sighted on the Islington rooftop as early as 10:30am local time, shortly after which the police arrived at the scene.

Father-of-two Bobby Smith and his longtime stunt-collaborator Martin Matthews unfurled banners on Corbyn’s roof saying they wanted to grab the opposition leader’s attention.

“I tried to talk to Jeremy in March and he was very rude to me,” said Smith.

“He’s in a position where he can hold the government to account.”

They vowed to stay for the rest of the day adding, “We’re willing to do anything for our children. Both of us would rather be home with our children right now.”

The group has often been criticized for its shambolic rooftop occupations and for regularly expressing seemingly-homophobic sentiments during their protests.

A 2008 banner read “Kids need real dads not lesbo dads.”

The group’s founder was also found guilty of sending death and rape threats to Romsey and Southampton North MP Caroline Nokes.

Fathers 4 Justice has also publicly attacked Hollywood stars Kate Winslet, Katie Holmes and Halle Berry for having sole custody of their children.

Negotiators were on the London roof talking to the two men until late in the afternoon.