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26 Jun, 2016 22:29

Hate crime reports investigated in wake of Brexit result (VIDEOS)

Hate crime reports investigated in wake of Brexit result (VIDEOS)

Police are investigating a number of alarming reports of hate crimes and racial abuse in the wake of Britain’s Brexit vote.

Several people have also posted self-reported incidents on social media, prompting the emergence of new online campaigns to document the racist incidents.

Police in London confirmed Sunday they are investigating “racially-motivated” damage to a Polish cultural center in Hammersmith.

This comes as Cambridgeshire Police investigate hateful notes which were allegedly posted through letterboxes of Polish residents in the UK.

Police say the leaflets, which read “Leave the EU. No more Polish vermin” were found in the town Friday.

The laminated leaflets, printed in both Polish and English, were posted through letterboxes as well as left on car windows near a school, according to the Hunts Post.

A video of an incident said to be filmed in Hackney, uploaded to YouTube, shows a driver behaving aggressively towards a minicab driver and shouting “go back to your country”.

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Others have shared online racial abuse they have received or witnessed in post-Brexit Britain.

The surge in hateful comments posted online has led to the setup of a Facebook page entitled PostRef Racism, which is documenting racial abuse posted on social media.

A Facebook group and album entitled ‘Worrying Signs’ has also been created by Sarah Childs to highlight incidents of racism and xenophobia that have happened since the EU referendum results.

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