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Embarrassing families: Cameron’s aunt joins her 2nd anti-austerity rally

Embarrassing families: Cameron’s aunt joins her 2nd anti-austerity rally
Prime Minister David Cameron has once again been humiliated as members of his family join up to protest against cuts in his constituency.

It was revealed on Tuesday that the PM’s own aunt will join a second protest in Oxfordshire about proposed cuts to children’s services in the county, where Cameron is the local MP.

Clare Currie will be one of hundreds of demonstrators who will march on Oxford’s county hall this Wednesday, making it her second appearance at a demonstration in her nephew’s constituency in just four days.

After it was revealed on Saturday that Currie, 78, had taken part in a similar demonstration on Saturday, Shadow Chancellor John McDonnel taunted the Prime Minister saying: “Auntie Clare is right – the cuts have gone too far.

“It’s about time Cameron started to listen. Every day it seems another person is losing faith in the Tory ‘cut first, think later’ approach.

Cameron‘s aunt was seen on Saturday holding a placard saying: “No ifs. No buts. No cuts”, as she marched with the protesters. Speaking at the time, she said: “I am here to protest against all of the cuts. I think they are a big mistake.

Currie’s presence at the march comes after Cameron’s mother admitted she had signed a petition against further cuts to children’s services in the area.

Mary Cameron said: “My name is on the petition.”

On Wednesday, hundreds of people will descend on County Hall in Oxford, where a total of £69 million is expected to be cut in a deal announced tomorrow.