RT EXCLUSIVE: Iranian man begs UK govt to deport him, says life in Britain isn't 'all gold'

An Iranian migrant in the UK has begged police to deport him back to his home country. Speaking to RT, the young man said he's waited five months for the Home Office to respond to his citizenship application, adding that life in the UK is not "all gold."

Arash Aria has lived in Manchester for 10 years, but says he has finally had enough, and is ready for a fresh start in his home country.

But there's just one problem – he can't return home because his Iranian passport has expired, leaving him stuck in 'immigration limbo.' 

Despite applying for citizenship five months ago, Aria has not heard back from the UK government on whether his request will be granted. Every time he tries to reach out for answers, clarity is not forthcoming.

“I was fed up a bit because I was trying to get help from people and I didn't receive that at all...I sent all my documents to the Home Office and I was waiting for the response [but] I didn't receive anything. And it makes me fed up...” Aria told RT.

Acting on that frustration, the 25-year-old went to police in Manchester on Monday, asking to be sent back home.

“...I've been to the police station, and I said the best thing is just send me back. Send me back home.”

He said he tried to find a job in Britain, but found that it was very difficult.

“It's not as easy as people said, so I changed my mind. I said, you know what, it's better to try somewhere else and make a life somewhere else.”

Aria currently possesses documents allowing him to be in the UK, but those do not allow him to work. 

Meanwhile, the Home Office says they do not have an application from Aria, and the newly opened Iranian embassy has been silent on the matter.

As the UK and the rest of Europe face the largest refugee crisis since World War II, Aria says that those seeking entry into the country should know that life in Britain is “not as easy as people say, the road is not all gold.”

Calling Aria's appearance at the police station a “strange incident,” Greater Manchester Police (GMP) tweeted details about the event on Monday.