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11 Sep, 2015 16:37

White supremacist jailed for life over Lee Rigby revenge attack

White supremacist jailed for life over Lee Rigby revenge attack

Zack Davies, a far-right white supremacist who used a machete and hammer to attack an Asian doctor in a Welsh supermarket, has been jailed for life.

Davies, 26, who screamed “White Power” as he assaulted dentist Sarandev Bhambra, was told by a judge in a Welsh court on Friday he would serve a minimum of 14 years before being considered for parole. 

Zack Davies, you subjected Dr Bhambra to a dreadful and sustained attack,” Judge Rhys Rowlands said as he handed down the sentence for the attack in the Welsh town of Mold. “Blows were aimed at his head. You were shouting ‘White Power.’ He desperately tried to get away from you.

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Rowlands added: “There were shoppers in the store, some with children. One can only imagine the sheer terror you subjected the victim to.

Davies, an apparent loner, allegedly spent hours every day playing violent video games. He claimed to have carried out the attack in revenge for the killing of Lee Rigby, the young soldier murdered by Islamist fanatics in Woolwich in 2013.

During the trial, Davies also claimed he was inspired by British-born Islamic State executioner Jihadi John. He told the court: “I got very fascinated by Jihadi John and was inspired by him. I even had a mask.

Bhambra, who is still recovering from injuries to his hands, back and face, was rescued by a former soldier, Peter Fuller, who told Davies that his victim had done nothing wrong and that his actions were madness.

The court described Davies as a racist. Following his arrest, he told police he thought the wrong side had won in World War II. Swastika badges and material from the violent white supremacist group Combat 18 were found in his home.

Davies apologized to both Dr Bhambra and Lee Rigby’s family in court.