#Discoboy hosts impromptu Operation Stack rave (VIDEO)

#Discoboy hosts impromptu Operation Stack rave (VIDEO)
Truck drivers facing long queues on their way to the port of Calais were treated to an unexpected rave when a YouTube star performed a semi-naked DJ set in the middle of a Kent tunnel.

Lee Marshall, who performs under the moniker #Discoboy, took it upon himself to keep the drivers entertained after their trucks were kept stationary as part of Operation Stack, which is used to ease traffic round the coast when there are difficulties at the Calais port.

Many of the drivers welcomed the distraction, beeping their horns and waving at Marshall, who performed in nothing but a pair of ill-fitting undies. Others were less welcoming.

The vlogger describes himself as an “entertainer prankster DJ host.” His latest video has caused a stir on social media.

Truckers are currently held up as part of Operation Stack, which has seen section of the M20 motorway and other major roads effectively turned into a parking lot.

For 24 of the last 40 days, half of the M20 has been home to hundreds of lorries as the migrant crisis in Calais continues.

On Monday and Tuesday nights, thousands of migrants attempted to storm the Channel Tunnel, resulting in the death of one man believed to be from Somalia.