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‘Never Again’: Counter-rally outnumbers neo-Nazi protest in London (PHOTOS)

Neo-Nazi supporters who took to the streets of central London for a rally against the so-called “Jewification” of the UK have been largely outnumbered by counter-demonstrators and police.

A small group of Neo-Nazis staged their rally at the end of Downing Street against the Shomrim voluntary charity, which acts as a proactive neighborhood patrol for the Jewish community.

The rally saw about 20 participants, according to reports in UK press.

"Shomrim, off our streets," chanted the participants of the rally.

Neo nazi demo outnumbered 10 to 1 by anti fascists on #Whitehall@RuptlyNewsroom@RTUKnewspic.twitter.com/WUzC9qy4bJ

— Jon Scammell (@JonScammell) July 4, 2015

However, their demo was met by a counter-protest which draw much more participants – about 200, according to the Jewish Chronicle. They were chanting “Nazi scum, off our streets," and were carrying banners “No to Nazis” and “Never Again.”

BTW that was the hipster cop at the anti-'Jewification' rally https://t.co/BIny8CUyGvpic.twitter.com/AEhJDrSW68

— RT UK (@RTUKnews) July 4, 2015

Anti fascists protest against far right anti Semitic group on #Whitehall@RuptlyNewsroom@RTUKnewspic.twitter.com/cSNziuGigH

— Jon Scammell (@JonScammell) July 4, 2015

Among those who stood against the neo-Nazis were the United Against Fascism group, the Green Party, the Socialist Workers Party and left-wing Jewish group Jewdas.

Neo-Nazis are escorted to the Tube by police after their protest in Whitehall pic.twitter.com/N8HkJ3jzGm

— Tim Moynihan (@TimMoynihanPA) July 4, 2015

"We should oppose Nazis wherever they happen to be, to make a loud noise to show that we're opposing them in central London too, it's not just Golders Green,” a Jewdas spokesperson told the Jewish Chronicle.

About 200 police officers were also present during the rally. At the end of the demonstration, a small group of neo-Nazis were escorted to Westminster Tube station by police officers.

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Maximum 25 - 30 turn out for the neo nazi rally in Whitehall. Imbarrasing. pic.twitter.com/TSd6MAeJbN

— Liam Deacon (@liamdeacon) July 4, 2015

Initially, the neo-Nazi rally was scheduled to be held in Golders Green, north London, which has a prominent Jewish community, but later it was moved to Whitehall by the Metropolitan Police.

"The presence of this protest group, and resultant counter-protests by opposition groups in the same area at the same time, is likely to result in serious disorder, serious disruption to the life of the community and the intimidation of others,” the police said in a statement.

Anti fascists hugely outnumber dinosaur throwbacks at Whitehall pic.twitter.com/ioEdDc4Cmm

— Will Worley (@willrworley) July 4, 2015

Fascists gathered at Whitehall for static assembly, chants of anti-fascista from counter protestors pic.twitter.com/HUqjuShmWR

— Max Goldbart (@Goldbart1) July 4, 2015

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"For neo-Nazis to hold an explicitly anti-Jewish demonstration in Golders Green in the heart of the Jewish community on a Saturday, the Sabbath when Jewish people would be going to and from the synagogue, would obviously be intimidatory and cause offense - which is probably what it was intended to do,” Dave Rich, of the Community Security Trust, a group protecting British Jews from anti-Semitism, told the Press Association.

Nazi off our streets .. #nazis#Whitehallpic.twitter.com/Z8eZLYduNE

— Jack Mendel (@Mendelpol) July 4, 2015

Forced out of Golders Green pursued to Whitehall no fascists anywhere pic.twitter.com/YXoOIONNSP

— Graham Durham (@GrahamDurham) July 4, 2015