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20 Mar, 2015 16:47

​Children emotionally, mentally tortured into ‘satanic cult’ hoax

​Children emotionally, mentally tortured into ‘satanic cult’ hoax

Two children were physically and emotionally “tortured” by their mother and her partner into falsely claiming their father was the head of a satanic rape cult, Britain’s High Court ruled on Thursday.

Yoga teacher Ella Draper brainwashed her 8 and 9-year-old kids into duping police to believe their father was the leader of an illicit sex ring at a primary school in North West London, it has emerged.

After they were posted online, the lurid allegations spawned a huge international campaign to bring the supposed abusers to justice.

However, a police investigation found the claims had been manipulatively concocted by Draper and her boyfriend, Abraham Christie, to undermine any chance of her ex-partner gaining custody of the youngsters.

At a family court hearing on Thursday, it emerged the couple may have given the children soup laced with cannabis in an effort to secure their compliance.

Both children are now in state care. Their Russian-born mother is believed to have fled abroad.

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During the proceedings, Mrs Justice Pauffley said the boy and girl were “tortured” into making false allegations, and their young “minds were scrambled” in the process.

She told the court the youngsters’ parents had met in 2003 and had separated in a bitter fashion in 2006.

In the midst of a tense custody battle in 2014, the children contacted police and said their father was the leader of a satanic sex cult operating in North West London. Throughout the course of several interviews, the boy and girl told police of how babies from foreign states were drugged and sent to London for torture and sacrifice.

The children alleged the babies’ throats were slit, and their blood was drunk. The kids also told police members of the cult danced, while wearing baby skulls, and wore custom-made shoes fashioned from infants’ skins.

Horrific ceremonies, supposedly led by the children’s father, were said to have been conducted in the top floor of a McDonalds restaurant, and on the grounds of a nearby school.

It was alleged that more than 100 people were sexually abusing children, including the primary school’s head teacher, another teacher, and a local priest.

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The children later told several officers in private that their mother’s partner, Abraham Christie, had physically abused them. They were subsequently taken into state care, after which they said they had been coerced by Draper and Christie into fabricating the satanic sex ring allegations.

Despite this, the mother-of-two and her boyfriend persisted in telling officers and local council officials that the allegations made against the kids’ father were true.

Following a private hearing, where the children were interviewed, Pauffley concluded the youngsters had been tortured.

“Torture is a strong word, but it is the most accurate way to describe what was done to the children by Mr Christie in collaboration with Ms Draper,” she told the court.

“I am entirely certain that everything Ms. Draper, her partner Abraham Christie and the children said about those matters was fabricated. The claims are baseless. Those who have sought to perpetrate them are evil and or foolish.”

In January, stories relating to the school at the center of the allegations began to circulate online, with the children’s father being accused of leading the cult.

Footage depicting the children voicing their allegations was put on YouTube, generating thousands of views.

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As the false allegations took the internet by storm, swathes of websites appeared to profess support for Draper and her little boy and girl. Amid a rising tide of hysteria, police were ordered to protect anxious parents and their children at the school’s entrance.

Mrs Justice Pauffley said four million people had looked at material involving the case on the web, some of whom had “a sexual interest in children.” Several people implicated in the allegations were barraged with hate mail and menacing phone calls.

The court heard that Pauffley had been asked to investigate the claims by social services chiefs who were responsible for the kids’ welfare.

The hearing spanned almost two weeks, throughout the course of which 16 witnesses offered evidence.

Draper did not attend the proceedings, and is believed to have absconded abroad. Although Christie did not partake in the hearing, Mrs Justice Pauffley said he was guilty of physically harming Draper’s children.