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Mahmoud Abbas news

Mahmoud Abbas
Get the news on Mahmoud Abbas, president of the Palestinian National Authority, who took office in 2005 and resigned in 2019. Follow RT for news and information on the background and career of Mahmoud Abbas. Before assuming the presidency, Mahmoud Abbas served as the first prime minister of the Palestinian Authority. Mahmoud Abbas has also been the chairman of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO). Since 2009, Mahmoud Abbas has also been chairman of the Fatah Party. Find news and details on the Fatah Party, which is a Palestinian nationalist political party. Don’t miss the latest breaking news and articles on Mahmoud Abbas’ political views and actions, as well as relations with other countries. The most important issue Mahmoud Abbas has been trying to negotiate is that regarding Israel, as for decades there has been an Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Don’t miss the news on negotiations between Mahmoud Abbas and other politicians, as well as on military actions in the region. Also visit RT.com to get news and details on Mahmoud Abbas’ relations with opponents to Fatah in the Hamas Party.