AT&T news

Follow RT on leading American telecommunication companies like AT&T. AT&T is a multinational enterprise with headquarter in Dallas, Texas. Get the news on AT&T’s operations, recent developments and work, as in 2018 it also became a parent company of mass media and entertainment company WarnerMedia. AT&T was created in 1880 by Alexander Graham and was called Southwestern Bell Telephone Company. Follow RT on foundation of AT&T as well as on its founder– great scientist and engineer Alexander Graham. From time to time thousands of AT&T workers go on strikes. The most common reason is breaching of labor contracts. Don’t miss articles and news on that matter. In summer 2017 AT&T joined a number of other major internet companies to stage a protest billed as the “Internet-Wide Day of Action to Save Net Neutrality.” Yet in the part AT&T was fighting to kill those rules. Get the news and information on that issue.