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Volcano eruptions news

Volcanic eruptions happen when lava and gas are discharged from a volcanic vent – visit RT to check out all the latest. Volcanic eruptions can pose many hazards, not only in nearby areas – for example, volcanic ash can be a threat to aircraft. Volcanic eruptions often lead to human casualties and they can also seriously affect the environment and climate of the Earth. One of the most famous eruptions occurred in Italy during the Roman Empire, when Mount Vesuvius completely buried Pompeii under a layer of ash. Volcanic eruptions always attract huge attention – go to RT.com too see videos of these events. Krakatoa, Yellowstone Caldera, and Etna are among the most famous volcanoes on the planet. Volcanoes can lead to serious climatic consequences, causing crop failure and cold summers. Volcanic eruptions occur around the world and may continue for several years – go to RT.сom to be updated on the latest events.