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29 Mar, 2021 18:08

WATCH: Volleyball players start ‘casual game’ in front of erupting volcano in Iceland

WATCH: Volleyball players start ‘casual game’ in front of erupting volcano in Iceland

A group of Icelandic volleyball players got together for a knock around this weekend, with the formidable backdrop of a volcano spewing out lava.

As the group was filmed playing at a location near their country's capital Reykjavik, the volcano could be seen erupting in the background. 

Naturally, footage of the incident has gone viral on social media. 

Rut Einarsdottir was the lucky capturer of the eruption, which has already been seen by more than 1 million users. 

"People casually playing volleyball at the volcano in Fagradalsfjall," read her caption, before she followed the post up with more to share. 

In one clip, she clinks coffee cups with an acquaintance while wrapped up in -12C (10.4F) conditions, before the camera swerves sideways to the historic goings-on.

The volcano had reportedly been dormant for 6,000 years, and is the first eruption in the local area for 800. 

These developments are such an important event in Iceland that there is now a live stream from the site. 

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"The volcano itself was a spectacular and mesmerizing sight," said Einarsdottir, and it is impossible to disagree. 

Not everyone was bowled over, though. 

“'Casually playing'”? Rather, [a] very planned location to play volleyball in order to make a viral video," scoffed one Twitter user.

"Haha love the skepticism," Einarsdottir coolly replied. "But I was just hiking with my friend (seen in other videos in thread) when we saw these people playing. I never imagined it'd blow up like this. 

"It's very Icelandic to play some outside activity like this close to magnificent nature."

"Virtually other-worldly," remarked a more impressed onlooker, as one individual wise-cracked that soon someone will come and put a "No Ball Games" sign up.