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Japan news

Find the news and stories on Japan, which is an island country located in East Asia. Check out RT.com for stories on Japan, as the country's Prime Minister Shinzo Abe gets emergency powers from the Japanese parliament to tackle the coronavirus outbreak. Visit RT to stay updated on Japan, as Tokyo has called on G20 finance leaders to take timely policy steps to tackle global economic risks posed by the coronavirus outbreak. Tokyo Olympics postponed to 2021 due to coronavirus — follow RT for the news on that matter. Japan’s Tokyo prefecture governor appealed to people to wait until next year for traditional spring parties to view the flowering of cherry blossoms — stay with RT to be updated on that. Get news and stories from RT on Japan, as despite being an early focal point of the disease which hit a cruise ship docked near Tokyo last month, the country has so far avoided the widespread explosion in cases that has hit Europe and North America. Don’t forget to check out authors’ opinions on the news and current events taking place in Japan today.